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Why with us?

YPS Logistics

Two partners of YPS were having lunch one day 5 years ago, while both were working as consultants to a designer, as Becky being the consulting domestic production in NYC, Sean providing ERP system and managing it.  

Both agreed there was lack of fulfillment services that cater to small designers. All facets of fashion business are important, but shipping is also a critical part. As being last component of the puzzle, no one has resources, energy, or time to put in shipping when majority of resources already spent in development, sales and production process. Not to mention, task of trying to decipher 99 pages of routing guide to avoid charge backs, which could eat up entire margin and then some is more than challenging.  Plus, dealing with expensive New York City rent trying to store, and squeeze time pick & pack when you have 1000 other tasks to be done??  So you outsource, but you realize after the fact, that you got pushed aside while deadline for bigger customers took priority. ugh!

YPS was born to change this landscape - we want to take care of small businesses and grow together organically, by providing solid base for any type of logistic needs for fashion business.  We have been doing great job - how do we know this? because we have happy customers! 

YPS is 'Your Personal Shipper' - 

Outsourced service, but our work quality and fulfillment lead time is as if you have your own. YES!! 

We have been in the business for 10 plus years and grew by adding more services to free up your resources, so you can take care of other important tasks that need to take place before you get to shipping stage. 

Sure like any other businesses, we want to grow and get bigger. BUT, we are committed to keep the business model, to make our customers to feel having their own staffs and space, always!!

Talk to us, Becky & Sean.

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